Viper James Black a twenty-two year old rich businessman as an assassin, or hitman. He is the brother of Vixen Ray Black and Viktoria Maleah Black. He is also the son of Vanessa Black and Vincent Kol Black. Viper grew up in the crowded state of Florida, Tampa to be exact. He was a normal young boy, other than his father kept a lot of lies from him. He soon grew up, moved to California, and started working with his father as a hitman. They are the best in the nation. Every target he's had, Every mission he's had, he has completed it. He has never revealed his identity to anyone but his family of course. To everyone else he is 'Chance Silvers' or 'Ricky' or some made-up fake name. He is known to be very dangerous, closed up, and just overall a bad person.